Friday, May 4, 2012

In India, to meet her ailing dog!

Manoj Chaurasia / The statesman

PATNA, 3 MAY: At a time when cruelty towards animals has shown a steep rise, this one can surely give comfort to one’s heart. Believe it or not, a Thai national Fa Tha Nit on hearing the news of her Prince (German Shepherd pet dog) falling sick, came all the way to her Buddhist monastery in Bihar to see the ailing pet. She now plans to bring her pet and put it up at the local Thai monastery at Bodh Gaya to take it back home in Thailand with her.

Nit had adopted the dog when she came to Bihar a few months ago on her trip to Bodh Gaya, the holiest of the holy land of the Buddhists where Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment. She had adopted Prince from a local Buddhist monk Bhante Rahul when it was just two-months old and kept it at the Thai monastery which she helps run at Bodh Gaya. During her stay in India, she used to spend most of her time with Prince. She left India last month.  

Just when she reached Thailand, she was informed by one of the monastery staff that Prince had fallen sick and has stopped eating despite all the medical treatment provided to it. This news was enough to bring her back to Bodh Gaya to attend to her ailing dog.  

“I can’t live without Prince and it appears Prince too can’t live without me…we love each other”, Nit told newsmen today. Bound by emotions, the Thai woman has now approached the local authorities to complete all the basic formalities required to carry the pet with her. She plans to leave for her country with Prince on 9 May.

Her love for Prince has now become the talk of the town. “Rarely have we come across a human being so madly in love with an animal,” said  a local Buddhist monk Bhante Priyapal.  

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