Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bihar's big boys join battle afresh

Manoj Chaurasia / Patna

They are at it again! RJD chief Mr Lalu Prasad and Bihar chief minister Mr Nitish Kumar are once again engaged in a verbal duel, albeit via media, and, in the process, churning out some “quotable quotes”.

It all began last week when the vintage Mr Prasad, while breaking his six-month self-imposed silence on the functioning of the present regime, gave a clarion call to his party men to oust the “scam-ridden” Nitish Kumar government in Bihar saying the government had lost the moral authority to remain in power.

He advised his party men to tour every village across the state and also undertake a protest march in the state capital in October to expose the corrupt government. “Everyday there's a scam surfacing in Bihar,” he alleged.

Not to be left behind, his arch-rival and Bihar chief minister, Mr Kumar, lost no time in reacting to Mr Prasad’s remarks. He said: “Laluji will never reform himself and, as such, there has been no change in him even after his electoral rout. Instead of apprising the masses of our ‘failures’, he must ask them why he was defeated.”

Within hours, the witty RJD chief reacted to his rival's statement in his own trademark style, saying, “He (Mr Kumar) is a mom ka sher (wax lion) who thinks he is safely ensconced in an iron cage and cannot be reached… His roar will soon be silenced”.

Now, it was Mr Kumar's turn: Mocking at his rival’s remarks, the chief minister said it was the duty of the Opposition to highlight the “failures” of the government but Mr Prasad comes (to Patna) and suddenly vanishes from the scene before the people could know he was here.

“Laluji aate hain, phir antardhyan ho jate hain…” Mr Prasad, it may be noted here, is at present in New Delhi attending the monsoon session of Parliament.

No reaction has come from Mr Prasad who is away in Delhi but one of his close confidants and state party chief Mr Ramchandra Purve said that Mr Prasad would lead an RJD mahadharna to be held at Patna’s JP roundabout on Saturday (6 August) to protest against the government’s failures.

“The Nitish Kumar government is a total failure on all fronts, and scams, corruption, loot, murder, rape, kidnappings are the order of the day now… The RJD will not be a mute spectator to all these,” cautioned Mr Purve.

The last time they were seen locked in bitter war of words was during the October-November Assembly election when both the leaders had turned to poetry to lash out at each other.

However, as the RJD was badly defeated in the elections, the RJD chief hurriedly shifted to New Delhi to discharge the duty as a Lok Sabha member and then announced to give a “six-month time” to the government to do its work before he trains his gun at the ruling regime. sns
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